The Bus Crashed…

Today, I decided to drive to school instead of actually taking the bus. Oddly enough, I began to hear that the bus I usually ride had crashed into a car that morning. Apparently, it had  smashed right into the one of my friend’s cars… Luckily, nobody was injured, although my bus driver mysteriously disappeared in the afternoon. So instead of our usually cheerful, happy go-lucky bus driver, we got some mean old looking man who hated his job. He said that he was some official from the bus company and that our bus was now his bus. A little odd, huh? By the way, thats not really my bus below.bcfe6184-9828-41f8-a7d7-95d35225e7da_ms.jpeg No buses were damaged in the making of this post. Credits to with the much more horrifying picture than what actually happened to my bus. 


First Entry – February 24 2008

Welcome to my new blog/website. I gained inspiration to make this site from a list of over 200 things to do when you’re bored. So here I am now, and I’ll probably be updating this site about two or three times per week. So visit as often as you’d like, just don’t expect anything interesting. I’ve entered a few things below now but click on latest entries at the top for my, err, latest entries.